This is my about page, so I ought to tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Elisabeth Kuhn. I grew up in Germany, came to the U.S. to study with my favorite linguists and language philosophers in Berkeley, and fell in love with the American “Be all you can be” dream.

So I got a position as an Assistant Professor teaching linguistics at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, Virginia, where I still live.

Three years later, I discovered a lump in my breast! Aaargh!

Here’s the back story: My father was a doctor, and I had a bad case of hypochondria even as a child. Anything I read about, I thought I had.

Once I was in college, I was driving my doc nuts because I constantly worried about my heart beating too fast, or too slow, or too irregularly. He told me to stop checking my pulse.

There’s a poem about that in my book, a sestina about hypochondria! It was also published in “Stitches: The Journal of Medical Humour” published in Canada!

So when I found the lump, I thought, sure! Of COURSE I had to get cancer sooner or later. I just knew it! But part of me thought, Yeah right! It’s another case of false alarm. Just wait a few weeks and it will go away.

Well, it didn’t go away, and when I finally went to see a doctor, it turned out that it really WAS cancer.

I was a bit torn between saying “I KNEW It!” and panic!

Well… You can read the whole story about it in my book, and then some…

Here’s a link to an article with one of the first poems in the book (how it all started):

Time Out

Anyway, I’m still here, 18 years after that diagnosis and the ensuing massacre that was surgery, chemo, and so on, plus side effects too gruesome to include even in an otherwise awfully frank book, and the experience turned me into a poet. Literally!

I wrote about my experiences to help me cope with them, and started playing around with line breaks. And liked the results.

And then I started taking course after course on how to write poetry until I felt I ought to get a degree in this, so I got one, an MFA from George Mason University.

Another thing that came from it was a big obsession with self-help and self-care, and the results of that you can see in my self help blog!

Meanwhile, after 19 years as an English professor (I got tenure halfway through and became an Associate Professor), I changed direction in my life and reinvented myself as a self-help guru of sorts, starting with my stress relief ebook.

And as I learned more and more about internet marketing in my frantic efforts to market my stuff, I discovered I LOVED internet marketinhg, so now that’s how I make the bulk of my living…

You can find out more about me here:

Richmond Web Marketing

and here:

Favorite Web Stuff

But this site is about Average C-Cup, so please check out the other pages and the links to my poems too.

To your radiant health, wealth, and happiness!

Elisabeth Kuhn

P.S.: As you can see on the other page, you can also get an autographed copy of “Average C-Cup” directly from me:

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